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"Nature wants you to admire, not to understand"

Boetius de Boodt

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Our Vision

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Historically taxidermy was often used to inspire the public and especially artists. We want to honor that tradition by using our artistic skills and knowledge of zoology to create wonderfull, inspiring and creative mounts that keep to amaze people about the wonders of nature.

Every specimen gets treated with the same amount of attention, effort and respect, unregarded their rareness. We use only the best materials to create high quality durable mounts that will last generations. When needed we will use custom made eyes. Every beak, bill, leg, claw and bare skin is handpainted with several layers of high pigment paint, for long lasting natural colors. Dried up skin, eyelids, crests and wattles are restored to match the glory of their living counterparts. 

We specialize solely in birds, so that we can direct all our energy and skills towards this animal group. We hereby ensure the best quality bird mounts, doing these beautiful wonders of nature true justice.

Our animals are sourced with respect for nature from our extensive international network of breeders, zoo's and sanctuaries.

We are based in the Netherlands but internationally active, we create artistic mounts, reconstructions, restorations and take on commissions.

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